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Coast Guard Projects

Coast Guard Projects

Conversion of the CCGS Amundsen

The CCGS Amundsen is a Type 1200 Canadian Coast Guard heavy icebreaker built in the late 1970’s. In late 2002, the Canadian Coast Guard solicited bids for redesigning and refitting this vessel for its new role as a dedicated platform for Arctic oceanographic research initiatives. Fleetway was awarded the primary engineering contract for this conversion and developed the Design and Conversion Drawing Package and specification for the shipyard to complete the refit.

CCGS Eckaloo Shallow Water Hull Design

The CCGS Eckaloo is a vessel that operates on the shallow McKenzie River. At certain places and at certain times of the year, the river flows so fast that the vessel cannot navigate. Fleetway undertook a major design study that resulted in the complete redesign of the after under body in order to increase the speed and manoeuvring while maintaining the draft. Fleetway conceived a modified tunnel design which forced water in to the propeller duct from the side of the vessel rather than from underneath.

Type 1000 Class Preliminary Design

This project involved the Concept, Preliminary, and Contract design of a 2000 tonne Multi-Task, Shallow Draft, Utility Vessel for the Canadian Coast Guard. Fleetway personnel designed this vessel to meet very stringent design and operational requirements as well as the requirements of both Classification and Regulatory authorities. The vessel incorporated an AC-AC diesel electric propulsion system and twin azimuth thruster units. The Contract Design package contained over 100 individual drawings, 16 design reports and a detailed construction specification.

CCGS Cornwallis Conversion

Fleetway employees were involved in the project management and engineering required to produce the Concept and Contract Design engineering and drawing package to convert this Type 1100 heavy icebreaker into a Scientific Research Ship. The modifications to the ship included: the addition of over 300 m2 of scientific laboratories; the addition of a slow speed manoeuvring and propulsion drive; accommodation for up to 25 scientists in one- and two-berth cabins; plus numerous other changes.

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