Maintenance Management

Ready to meet your operational needs and your budget

Maintenance can make the difference between a profitable operation and the availability of equipment/systems to perform. Through the process of detailed analysis and planning, Fleetway can provide you with a maintenance system and plan that meets your operational needs while being tailored to your budgetary constraints.

Fleetway Logistics Engineers and life cycle technologists are experienced practitioners in the determination of maintenance plans and requirements and support particulars for through-life support of systems and equipment.

Fleetway has the skills and the analytical tools to provide comprehensive maintenance solutions that will provide you with maximum system availability for an affordable life cycle cost.

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Maintenance System Development

Fleetway has the proven experience and dedicated tools to analyze your maintenance requirements and develop a fully functional maintenance strategy and plan.

Repair and Overhaul Management

Repair and Overhaul of your equipment may not be a core capability, but for Fleetway it is a well developed skill-set. Having managed the Department of National Defense's miscellaneous RMR Repair and Overhaul program for over six years, Fleetway has the resources and infrastructure that can be applied to your needs.