DND Miscellaneous Repair & Overhaul Contract

Fleetway has, since August 2004, been responsible for the management and execution of the Miscellaneous (RMR) Equipment Repair and Overhaul contract for the Department of National Defence (DND) of Canada.

Fleetway’s work scope includes the receipt of repairable items, the identification of qualified vendors (OEM dealers for the repair), the sourcing of repairs on a competitive basis, the awarding of contracts to selected vendors / repair facilities, freight coordination, and the verification of the required repairs and the return of material to DND. Fleetway personnel also worked with the DND supply staff to assess the R&O effectiveness and conduct trend analysis of items returned through the R&O process.  This assessment alerted the DND and changes in failure rates and the possibility of insufficient component spares.  The contract also calls for the provision of Warehousing and Mobile Repair Party support as well as technical investigations and studies.

The type of repairable items spans the needs of the Army, Air Force and Navy including such items as: circuit boards, King Posts for the Navy Frigates, radomes for the F-18 aircraft, radiators for the Army’s trucks, and Decompression Chambers for the Fleet Diving facilities.