Halifax-class Design Agent In-Service Support Contract

Fleetway is the Halifax-class Design Agent In-Service Support Contractor for the Department of National Defence. In this role, Fleetway is responsible for the development of designs and modifications to the approved design of the Halifax-class frigates.

The complete scope of work includes Class Management, Ship System Configuration Management, various Engineering support Services and the management and storage of the Halifax-class Product Configuration Information (PCI).

In the context of this contract, and as the Naval Engineering functions look to modernize and leverage the capabilities of digital integration, Fleetway, in partnership with BAE Systems, J.D. Irving Information Technology Division and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) will work collaboratively with Canada to design, build and deliver an Integrated Data Environment for the class and innovation program to deliver the ships to end of life.

Engineering, Logistics and Management Services (ELMS II) Contract

The Department of National Defence established an Engineering, Logistics and Management Support (ELMS) Services contract which it uses to augment the engineering resource capacity and expertise within Director General Maritime Equipment Program Management (DGMEPM) and Director General Major Project Delivery (DGMPD) (Sea).

Fleetway, in partnership with BMT Fleet Technologies, is proud to serve the naval engineering community through this task-based contracting vehicle for the provision of engineering services for capital and National Procurement projects on an “as and when requested basis”. The contract enables tasks to be completed across multiple areas of expertise including engineering and naval architecture, logistics support, management and training across a broad range of Royal Canadian Navy business and program initiatives.

Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship Integrated Logistics Support Contract

The AOPS project will see six vessels being built by Irving Shipbuilding Inc. (ISI) as part of the National Shipbuilding Strategy (NSS). Fleetway was selected by ISI to provide the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and the Personnel Training requirements of this Major Crown Project.

During the Project Definition phase, Fleetway was responsible for conducting the ILS analysis, and the Crewing and Training Needs analysis in support of the AOPS design work leading to Final Design.

As the Project moved into the Implementation (construction) phase, Fleetway continued its work in developing and delivering the entire ILS program for AOPS, including Availability, Reliability, and Maintainability (AR&M) Analysis, Logistics Support Analysis (LSA), Technical and Maintenance Documentation, Provisioning Plans, and the Logistics Support Analysis Record (LSAR); all of which will support the AOPS Class in-service.

Fleetway has also implemented the Initial Cadre Training of the ship’s crews, sea training staff and maintenance personnel, consisting of courseware design, production and delivery of contracted training material. 

Canadian Surface Combatant Contract (Tier 1 partner with ISI)

As a Tier 1 partner to Irving Shipbuilding Inc, Fleetway is contracted to provide a broad scope of supportability related work for the Program. Fleetway’s involvement is critical to ensuring that the Canadian Surface Combatant has an integrated and platform-wide supportability package containing a full range of technical publications and all the Logistic Support Analysis required to support the ships. This work also includes sparing and supportability cost analysis, obsolescence management and training plans.

Fleetway is also tasked with the management of all risks and issues related with supportability and the management of stakeholders. This puts Fleetway in a direct relationship with Canada, the Combat System integrator, the Warship designer as well as all subcontractors and stakeholders.

Halifax Class In-Service Support (2006-2020)

Fleetway is the Class Design Agency and Technical Data Agency for the Halifax-class frigates and Iroquois-class destroyers. As the Design Agent, Fleetway provides the full range of engineering and technical support services, including the development of engineering changes, the tracking and management of all design margins, and the conduct of technical and option analysis studies. For engineering changes, Fleetway typically prepares two specifications: a strip-out specification and an installation specification, each containing the sequence or work, the bill of materials and any cautionary notes. These specifications are then used to contract the work to shipyards or contractors.

As the Data Agent, Fleetway manages the configuration and updates the technical information (publications, drawings, specifications) for both classes of ships. These Technical Data Packages (TDP) are managed, stored and updated in their electronic format and available to the Navy. The TDP includes approximately 4,000 ship/system drawings, 80,000 equipment drawings, 4,000 specifications, and 5,000 technical publications containing over one million pages of bilingual text and illustrations.

Under this contract Fleetway managed major disposal contracts for the Iroquois and Protecteur Classes following their end of service.