An Accomplished Team of Experts

Fleetway delivers exceptional performance-based learning solutions. The training team leads and conducts both content development and delivery. Our team's extensive skills and experience results in exceptional training aligned to the operational and business needs of our customers.

Projects and Developments

Fleetway is currently executing projects for the Royal Canadian Navy under the auspices of the National Shipbuilding Strategy. This work supports training requirements arising from the HALIFAX-class modernization and initial cadre training of crewmembers delivering Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) into service. On this foundation of modern training, Fleetway is driving the integration of combat and platform systems training and common crew training required by sailors who will join the Canadian Surface Combatant fleet. Taken as a whole, these programs place Fleetway at the heart of present and future Royal Canadian Navy training program development and delivery.

Foundation to Innovation

Fleetway employs industry-leading models for Instructional Systems Design, customer policies such as the Canadian Forces Individual Training and Education System, and best practices repatriated from Allied militaries. Fleetway also provides embedded Instructional Systems Designers to the Naval Training Development Centre (Pacific) by way of the Engineering, Logistics and Management Support Contract (ELMS II) and contributes to modernization encouraged by the Future Naval Training Strategy of the Royal Canadian Navy.

The Future Learning Environment

Fleetway celebrates the use of technology to maximize impact on learning. Our approach to learning design ensures that training uses media and technology solutions that are efficient, accessible, and rooted in sound and proven practices. Fleetway is focused on training technologies that deliver measurable results to trainers and trainees, satisfying both the high-level organizational needs of the customer and the individual learning needs of the student.