Concept Design, Design Integration & Drafting Services

Turning ideas into reality

Fleetway takes pride in our ability to understand your needs and vision. We excel at translating those needs into practical design solutions. Our Engineers and Naval Architects are creative and innovative in developing Concept Designs that meet your highest expectations through the use of cutting edge, digital technologies.

Fleetway has mastered design integration techniques as demonstrated by our activity with the complex modernization and life extension for Canada’s Naval frigates. Working across many technical disciplines, we work with major suppliers to integrate and configure new and existing systems that work to efficiently augment ship capabilities.

Fleetway’s Design Drafting Services are second to none in the Canadian marine industry. The combination of our multi-disciplined approach, with a large team of highly qualified technical staff, provides you with experience and capacity to handle major and multiple tasks using modern software applications.

Electrical Engineering & Electronics

Providing you with smart, safe, effective solutions

As the electronic/electric systems of ships and commercial plants have become more complex and essential, Fleetway Electrical/Electronic Engineers, Designers and Technologists are adapting advancing technologies to meet changing demands.

Whether your project involves complex, multi-functional electronic control systems or high voltage power systems, or you are challenged with ever increasing electrical demands in traditional systems we can provide you with smart, safe, effective solutions.

Fleetway Electrical/Electronic staff have the design skills, the investigative expertise and the technical experience to resolve your design, support or operating challenges.

Fleetway also provides Combat System and Communications Hardware integration services, a capability that has been developed and honed over a 25-year period supporting all of Canada’s major warships, from design through to in-service support.

Marine & Mechanical Engineering

Sound design expertise to support your needs

Whether you require the design of complex propulsion systems or the replacement of auxiliary systems, Fleetway Marine Engineers, Designers and Technologists can provide the experience and breadth of expertise to support your needs.

As the Design Agent for the Navy frigates and destroyers, Fleetway Marine Engineers have been trusted with the design and modifications required to support the availability and reliability requirements of complex warship systems. 

We have also been involved in moving the Navy to ‘greener’ ships through the redesign of black water systems, halon replacement, fitted firefighting replacements, and solid waste disposal systems.

Fleetway Marine Engineering expertise can be applied to service commercial and government requirements, using a combination of classification society, legislative and environmental regulations.

Technical Investigations, Engineering and Feasibility Studies

Working closely with you to understand your challenges

Technical investigations and engineering studies reveal the true extent of a problem and the solutions that can be considered. Solving complex technical challenges or understanding root causes to failures is critical to creating effective solutions.

Fleetway’s team of Engineers, Designers, Technologists and Project Specialists have a range of in-depth experience to systematically undertake the needed investigation or study to do just that.

Fleetway works closely with you, providing feedback, insight and recommendations throughout the process, assuring that the final analysis and recommendations satisfy all your expectations.

3D Laser Scanning

Quick and accurate models of your assets

Fleetway has been employing scanning technology since 2008 to generate extremely accurate renderings of objects in a short period of time. High definition laser scanning has been used by Fleetway to produce a simple stand-alone measurable 3D ‘point cloud’ image or provide a baseline ‘point cloud’ image that is then used to develop an accurate as-fitted 3D model of the target object or space. Our 3D Laser Scanning services are quick and accurate, replacing the need for time intensive modelling efforts of complex systems and spaces. Rendered models are easily transferred from engineering to production.

Fleetway has used 3D laser scanning extensively to assist in the design work for the Navy Frigate Modernization project. Complex compartments, such as the operations room and the machinery control room were scanned from several positions in order to capture a complete representation of the spaces from deck to deck-head. Fleetway used those scans to build 3D digital models that were used to assess design and configuration changes.

Digital Twin

Lifecycle support managed digitally

Fleetway is applying cutting edge digital technologies to support marine assets through life; from design, construction, in-service and disposal. Fleetway develops and applies digital innovation to solve technical challenges.

Fleetway utilizes virtual reality to create a 3D immersive experience.  This technology is particularly beneficial in prototyping or reviewing designs or in visualizing configurations for training or human factors. Our solution easily translates common 3D models into virtual reality, replacing the need for physical models and augmenting the design process to build solutions that work for the crews who will use them.

Fleetway is applying years of experience in design changes and configuration management to evolve digital twins, representing current and predictive states of assets. These digital twins are both data and configuration models integrating supply chains, maintenance requirements, and current materiel conditions through the life of the vessel.